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Global Tourism Body certifies Tanzania a safe zone for travellers

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) cleared Tanzania as a safe zone for travel following the coronavirus pandemic.WTTC noted that the clearance is an indication that Tanzania has rightly implemented…

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Tanzania ePassports, 2019

Utaratibu wa kupata pasipoti mpya

Baada ya maulizo mengi kuhusu utoaji wa Pasipoti Mpya, ufuatao ni utaratibu wa kushughulikia zoezi hilo katika nchi za uwakilishi wetu*: A. KUNUNUA FOMU Mwombaji anaweza kuja Ubalozini na pasipoti…

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Online VISA Application (e-VISA)

This is to inform all Visa applicants and the general public that the United Republic of Tanzania has launched Online Visa Application System effective since 10th Jan, 2019. For those who wish to travel…

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Katika picha ni Mandhari ya Mlima Kilimanjaro Nchini Tanzania.

Mlima Kilimanjaro Nchini Tanzania

Picha zinazoonyesha Mandhari ya Mlima Kilimanjaro uliopo Nchini Tanzania.

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Regional Maritime Information Fusion Centre Madagascar (RMIFC)

Regional Maritime Information Fusion Centre Madagascar (RMIFC) Project Overview, Main Missions of RMIFC is to establish a regional Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) and to maintain a recognized maritime…

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Notice to travellers planning to visit Tanzania

The United Republic of Tanzania – Vice President’s OfficeThe Government of Tanzania wishes to make an official note to travellers planning to visit Tanzania that from 1st June 2019 all plastic carrier…

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When the HeroRAT detects TB, it hovers over the sample for three to five seconds.

Giant rats helping control TB in Mozambique, Tanzania

A technology that relies on trained African giant pouched rats — named HeroRATS — to sniff out tuberculosis (TB) and diagnose the disease faster than conventional diagnostic methods is helping…

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